Raúl Ureña

Running for Change

for Calexico City Council

Hola, my name is Raúl Ureña.

I have lived in Calexico for a total of 13 years of my life. My mom was born in Calexico, my dad in Mexicali. Families originally coming to Mexicali from Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua y Jalisco. I was born in Salinas as my family followed the lettuce routes for work, my dad, my grandma, adopted family from Salinas kept working Winters in Yuma/Imperial Valley. We returned permanently when I was 10 years old due to inflated/increasing rent & home prices in the Central Coast.

I have seen a lot during my life, studies, and work in Calexico. I have seen a lot of problems, and I have gotten to see where they come from: lack of clear priorities in local government, lack of leadership with a vision for the valley. I am running to change that.

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My Platform

Sustainable and Affordable Housing

We need to change Calexico’s development pattern for better sustainability, affordability & access.

We need to change Calexico’s development pattern for better sustainability, affordability & access. Carefully examine what housing developers we allow to build in the city. Enact regulations for use of sustainable materials and designs in housing construction. Mandate/Negotiate for more affordability in housing development projects. Move away from large, land-intensive single-family developments. Move towards more density and affordability with access to well-kept community spaces/facilities.

Bring IID to the table on local-cell energy developments and other sustainable models for electricity in the city. Enact water conservation measures that keep the resource accessible to the people.

Fund affordable, sustainable housing designs across the City of Calexico. Ensure ample access, prioritize senior and low-income community members.

The desert is beautiful and full of life. We need to make sure our housing is harmonious with our environment and we must make sure that enough is available. Affordable Housing is the #1 protection for the homelessness/eviction crisis that has been sweeping the nation since before COVID. During COVID, 40 million Americans are now at risk of eviction.




Google voice for constituents: 7603946077